Better together: Increase Customer Satisfaction through Collaboration

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Built on innovative problem solving, effective communication, and shared objectives, supplyFORCE and its members work together to resourcefully save time and money for our mutual clients.

Built on innovative problem solving, effective communication, and shared objectives, supplyFORCE and its members work together to resourcefully save time and money for our mutual clients. A successful partnership requires strong relationships and a mutual sense of trust and respect. Mallory Safety and Supply is just one of many supplyFORCE members who embody this approach to partnership in problem solving.

supplyFORCE spoke with Francine Minetti, Account Manager at Mallory Safety and Supply, to gain insight into what the supplyFORCE-member approach to collaboration means to her personally and to Mallory as an organization. In the interview below, Minetti details a time when she discovered a problem that a client faced and how she worked jointly with supplyFORCE to create a suitable, cost-effective solution for the mutual end-user client.


What customer challenge did you identify?

Our client was experiencing frequent stockouts on latex gloves, due to inadequate supply, long lead times, and incorrect packaged sizes. We knew we needed support in identifying the best solution possible to solve the problem, preferably with a sustainable and cost-efficient solution, so we reached out to supplyFORCE to help.

How did the collaborative efforts with supplyFORCE help to find the solution?

We decided with supplyFORCE to propose another brand of latex gloves as a replacement solution.  In July 2022, together we requested approval from our mutual Aerospace client on the proposed replacement for both a total cost savings opportunity and to mitigate extensive supply chain risks. The client approved the replacement.

When the proposal was approved, how did the client join in the collaborative problem-solving efforts?

Our mutual Aerospace client directed us toward their Research and Technology department for product testing. In October 2022, they approved the product as an acceptable replacement for the incumbent latex gloves.

What did the product test reveal?

By engaging Research and Technology, the product was determined as meeting and exceeding specifications.  The replacement product has offered improved accessibility to our client’s sites and was a more cost-effective solution.  This solution has helped our client cut costs by $164,000 annually and improve the safety of its workers due to product availability.

As a supplyFORCE member, what were your takeaways from this experience?

During this experience, I understood the supplyFORCE commitment to its members and our mutual client’s willingness to explore alternative products that meet or exceed specifications.

What advice would you like to share with others experiencing similar challenges?

Get out and communicate with your end-user clients in-person and, when possible, with supplyFORCE to build and enhance trusting, long-term relationships!

supplyFORCE is dedicated to profitably growing and maintaining market share for Owner-Member distributors with large, multi-site and/or multi-category customers. We thank Francine Minetti and Mallory Safety and Supply for bringing our mission to life, clearly illustrating how partnering with supplyFORCE can elevate your business and increase client satisfaction!

What is ESG?

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